• Be on time & ready to party
  • Have fun
  • Use the photobooth!
  • Attend the dance floor at least once

Dress code:
Formal - Suits and ties for guys. Females choose something nice to wear just make sure you:
We're getting married in January so it could rain/ snow. Bring some sensible shoes and a warm layer as a backup in case you want to venture outside.

Media policy:
Don't have your phone or camera or anything out from 11:50 until after the ceremony.
Seriously, don't be the person immortalised leaning into the aisle with the iPad or a phone in the official photos of the ceremony. Sam will not be happy, embarrassment will ensue. We're hiring some professionals to take the photos so you can share the moment with us not your phone. So don't get in the way of the photographer as you might have worked out already Sam will be really cross

Please do not upload photos of us to the internet, you'll be stealing our thunder. Your selfies are fine but DO NOT STEAL OUR INTERNET POINTS.

As we've said we'd prefer to have you to ourselves but we know that might not be possible/ practical for everyone. Please let us know if you are planning on bringing any children. You must know any children you bring. Unsupervised children if strong will sold to the highest bidder as labourers. If deemed weak, they will be broken down for parts or burnt as fuel.

Idiot Policy:
Don't be one.
If you propose during our wedding at any point you will become an idiot and will be drop kicked.